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Relevant Appendices for both Projects

Appendix 1: UC Davis Physical Design Framework – Link

Appendix 2: UC Sustainable Practices Policy – Link

Appendix 3: UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative – Link

Appendix 4: UC Seismic Safety Policy – Link

Appendix 5: UC Fair Wage/Fair Work – Link

Appendix 6: UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services – Link

Appendix 7: Pre-development Agreement Example

Appendix 8: 2016 Annual Davis Vacancy Report

Orchard Park Appendices

Appendix 9: Financial Pro-forma Templates

Appendix 10: Orchard Park Tree Survey

Appendix 11: Orchard Park PG&E Easement

Appendix 11b: Orchard Park Bicycle Easement

Appendix 12: Orchard Park ALTA Survey (pre-demolition)

Appendix 13: Orchard Park Topographic Survey (pre-demolition)

Appendix 14: Orchard Park Phase 1 Environmental Survey (pre-demolition)

Appendix 15: Orchard Park Demolition 100% Construction Documents

Appendix 16: Orchard Park Geotechnical Report (for demolition and backfilling)

Appendix 17: Orchard Park Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) Report (pre-demolition)

Appendix 18: Graduate Studies Student Family Housing Website – Link

West Village Appendices

Appendix 19: Financial Pro-forma Templates

Appendix 20: Settlement Agreement – Carpenters Union

Appendix 21: West Village PG&E Easement

Appendix 22: West Village Phase 1 Environmental Survey

Appendix 23: West Village Phase 2 Environmental Survey

Appendix 24: West Village Additional Phase 2 Environmental Survey

Appendix 25: Transfer Student Amenities Survey

Appendix 26: Arizona State Solar Parasol -  Link