Tercero at UC Davis

Stage 2 RFP


The Regents of the University of California (“University”) on behalf of its Davis campus (“UC Davis” or “Campus”) is seeking a Developer or Developers (“Developer”) to design, construct, own and manage two rental apartment communities: Orchard Park, which will serve UC Davis students with families, married students or students with registered domestic partners, and single graduate students; and, West Village Transfer Student Housing, which will serve transfer students and other upper division undergraduate students.

The two projects envisioned by UC Davis will be the Orchard Park Project and the West Village Transfer Student Housing Project (“Project” or collectively “Projects”). The Orchard Park Project will provide: a) 200 affordable two-bedroom apartment units to serve UC Davis students with families, married students or students with registered domestic partners; and b) a target of an additional 700 beds for single graduate students. The West Village Transfer Student Housing Project will provide a target of 1,875 beds of apartment-style student housing, a majority of which (up to 1,200 beds) will be master leased back to the UC Davis campus to serve the large transfer student population.

This solicitation represents the second stage (“Stage 2 RFP” or “RFP”) of a two-stage Request for Proposal process through which the Campus intends to select a Developer with whom it may negotiate and enter into agreements for the planning, development, and operation of the Project or Projects. The Stage 2 RFP is being made available only to those Developers short-listed by the Campus through the Stage 1 RFP process.

The Campus anticipates the Stage 2 RFP process will conclude in September 2017. At the conclusion of the Stage 2 RFP process, the Campus will select one or two Developers for the Projects with whom to enter into exclusive negotiations. Negotiations will include terms of an initial services reimbursement agreement for due diligence and design (“Predevelopment Agreement”), followed by ground lease terms and ancillary documents governing, upon execution, the development, ownership, and operation of the Projects. Concurrent with negotiations, the Campus and the Developer(s) will engage in a collaborative design process, obtain project approvals and required permits, and establish pre-construction and construction protocols

Project Approvals

The University of California is the “lead agency” pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) for the Projects, and the Board of Regents of the University of California (“The Regents”) has the principal responsibility for approving the Project. The Developer(s) will be required to provide submittals, as described in Section III, and throughout the design phase of the Project to support various environmental analyses and subsequent Project approvals. The Projects may also require approvals or permits from other agencies as required under applicable law.

In addition, the Campus Building Official (“CBO”) is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) and will issue building permits for the Projects. Plan check and design review and approval will be coordinated through the CBO and will include review and approval by the Designated State Fire Marshal (“DSFM”). The Projects may require third-party services to augment the staffing of the CBO and DSFM for plan review and inspections. The costs related to such third-party services will be included as part of the Project budgets. Such third-party services shall not replace or otherwise alter the CBO’s authority.

Throughout the construction period, the Developer shall coordinate with the CBO and DSFM to ensure the CBO and DSFM have timely access to the Projects as needed to perform inspections.